Any time I talk to new folks, I always lead with my dog. She is a precious toy fox terrier named Wallis (as in the Duchess of Windsor); we have a special bond, as she had two spinal strokes before age two. After a brief moment early on where we all thought Wallis would be a tripod, she’s still on all-fours, running and enjoying her life. I also have a beautiful canary, Lyonel, whose loves include televised political rallies, Dallas Cowboys football, and broccoli.

I have always had an immense love for American history, leading me to a Master’s degree in History from Sam Houston State University. My research interests tend to center on popular culture from post-World War II through the Vietnam War, first- and second-wave feminism, and Presidential history. Learning about the story of America continues to inspire me to look into my family’s genealogy: I have identified direct ancestors in nearly every American conflict since we got here in 1623, and am always eager to find out more. I also enjoy creating photographs that look like they were taken decades ago, from the backgrounds to the fashions – the included picture is of Wallis and me just a couple of years ago in the historic Roosevelt Suite of the Hotel Galvez.

This background in research and passion for antiquity informs and inspires my fiction.